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That way, the quality gets better, but the audio level is waaay low, and you'll have to turn up the volume on the computer for proper audio levels.

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I just don't get it! I mean seriously, if they wanna maximize the audio to make sure that videos uploaded by people that don't know what they're doing get a decent audio level, why don't they use a real maximizer? They should try Waves Ultramaximizer for instance, it takes up the level, but doesn't distort the tracks. Hell, I could write them an algorithm myself!!! YouTube, please employ me! After the distortions are extra clear:. This is what it sounds like if you take the YouTube sound and cancel out the original sound from it.

Basically, this is the noise caused by YouTube's compression:. Dibox's graphs show some ugly normalization.

  1. Gravitation Near Earth’s Surface | University Physics Volume 1.
  2. Tibetische Medizin für den Westen: Das Archetypen-Meridian-System in der Praxis (German Edition).
  3. Thor: First Thunder.

It looks like AM radio "audio gain control. Sound dynamics is a key issue for musicians and various media producers.

Quiet parts need to stay quiet, and louder parts need to stay unchanged too, because this is one of the artistic ways to achieve certain artistic result. By changing the volume you can achieve a change in mood. I hope YouTube does realize that huge part of it is about and revolves around music and sound.

Youtubers, do we really need as much as 4 options of video quality? Wouldn't 3 be fine?


Standard, high and HD. The precious megabytes could be allocated to improving the audio quality instead. YouTube needs to address this issue Or else what? Most of the time I wonder whether the nasty mutilation isn't actually designed to discourage all music uploads, given that they're the major source of most copyright complaints. Making music harder to upload could be used in court as one of many claims that YouTube does all it can to discourage infringement.

If you look at many of the most promoted videos Partners, they share in common that audio quality is just about the last thing they are about. Every time anyone uploads, at least from the site front-end it says right there: "Important: Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music concerts , or commercials without permission unless they consist entirely of content you created yourself.

They're a nightmare for film makers and studios with real budgets, let alone amateurs and auteurs on YouTube. Where's the benefit to YouTube in making the quality better, and opening up the argument the labels and other industry hoodlums will make, that YouTube is just a backdoor way to do what they managed to shut down Napster from doing? You can keep dreaming that they will "fix" it, but chances are the only solutions you'll find are keeping track of the changes and the limits and doing what you can to avoid them.

Surely the bigger problem with having a standardised chart for testing eyesight is that the person being tested may become familiar with the sequence of letters? Sometimes in these tests, I have been not sure whether I can really read the bottom row of letters, or whether I am just remembering what they are. The eye chart story is better than the majority of topics you cover — would love to hear the full version.

Totally agree, I normally listen trough a podcast app, this was one of the few times I just had to google something because I wanted to know how it looked. I totally love these mini story episodes. They are just so dang fun! I welcome the idea of doing more mini story episodes a few times a year. What about perhaps doing a dedicated short-format podcast devoted to single ministories?

Just a thought. Love these short stories. A couple of points that occurred to me about the eye chart. Kind of self defeating for the user, but it could even inadvertently create inaccurate results over time. As a Canadian high school student, we studied the Snellen ratio in accelerated physics as part of the study of light, and used patterns of parallel lines like a spatial frequency chart from old TV.

I would be interested in hearing more about it.

How much actually weigh ... 1 Million US Dollar?

A majority of people wear vision correcting lenses and interact with optometrists, so it strikes me as something with a wide appeal as well. I liked the episode, and I think that the mini stories concept is great, but I was really distracted by that choice. I used to live near Byker and I agree that it is special. It is often cited as the start of community architecture in Britain.

I dont know if that is the case — and neither do i know if two other stories about it are true — that the community consultees did not want tradition but pushed the designers to more inventive design once they saw what was being built in the first phase and what is possible. Newcastle has or had recently more architects per head of population than any other city in Britain. I sometimes wonder if this is because the architects who came to work on Byker with Ralph Erskine stayed there.

The point is that its a place that is sufficiently interesting for people to make myths and poetic comments about. Loved the section on the Byker Wall. Apparently it was originally intended for a main road to run much closer to it, matching the curve of the Wall, but the road was scrapped. The Wall was built in that shape anyway, then the idea of a road was resurrected, following the design that it has now i.

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I was the firefighter who emailed you about the knox box. I had completely forgotten about it! Thanks for the awesome mini story. The modern Byker Wall is kind of horrendous. The old s and before Byker estate version seemed to waste a lot of space but seemed more like a neighborhood and community. I was surprised to see that the chart used was different from our own; instead of letters, it featured a shape resembling a capital E, but oriented in four different ways.

Simple enough, can be applied in all languages, but maybe not as easy to memorize as the Snellen. Anyway, I thought it might interest you — I think there are a few images online.

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