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Davaa is not the nomadic herdswoman of legend.

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She was brought up an urbanite in Ulaanbaatar to use her spelling ; she grew up with dreams of becoming an actor. Then the world changed, and it was clear that this was not going to be possible in Mongolia Mongolia is still a country of the countryside However sophisticated they may have thought they had become, growing up in Ulan Bator as we would have it is no preparation for landing in the middle of a rainy night in Munich. The culture shock of a city where you can travel from place to place with no sight of the sky, was increased by the real discovery of 'market forces' as unstamped railway tickets were sold on at a fraction of face value.

But the real shock was to come much later There seems to be, she finds, an unwelcome focus on the slaughter of a sheep: an act intrinsic to her culture, an act of necessity, but also one almost of ritual, of reverence.

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Intrigued as to why this should cause such horror she searches out documentaries about the German meat industry - where death is at the end of a stun gun, shunned, denied almost, in the quest for cheap meat. It's not clear whether this brings her any closer to understanding the abhorred fascination of the sheep slaughter for western film-makers, but it certainly increases her determination to make her own film. To put forward the context of many things Mongolian. To make her graduation film, Byambasuren Davaa travels home to seek a family of nomads. She finds Batchuluun, his wife Buena and their children: Nansaa and Nansalmaa daughters of six and four and the toddling month son Batbayar.

The Changeling of Fenlen Forest

He of nomadic stock, she married into it from an urban upbringing, the children at home in the plains and in the saddle. The book The Cave of the Yellow Dog tells the story of the film. It is not clear, how much of the telling is life as it is lived, specifically, by this family, and how much of it is the story that Byambasuren has scripted for her film. The essence of it, one feels, is true. The story is a simple one.

Nansaa despatched to find dung for fuel He grew up in South Africa, where he cut his teeth on yellowfish before heading to the outer atolls of the Seychelles when that fishery was still very much in its infancy. He spent years guiding and exploring the Seychelles, spending close to weeks on motherships on Cosmoledo, Providence, Astove and numerous other locations. Since that time, he has become obsessed with giant tarpon — fishing and exploring the flats, coastal areas and rivers all throughout western Africa. Arno now resides in Gabon — home to what he will tell you are the largest tarpon on the planet.

For two days, the islands were pummeled by sustained winds of miles per hour, with maximum gusts in excess of It was the strongest hurricane on record to affect the Bahamas, and — parked over the islands for two days — it destroyed everything in its path. In the four weeks following the storm, a lot has taken place, but in many areas and in many communities on both Grand Bahama and Abaco, the recovery efforts continue, and the rebuilding has only just begun.

Kimberly Franke is the founder and principal for Kanna Travel Services, a Montana-based, full-service travel agency that specializes in trip logistics, flights ticketing and insurance solutions for adventure and sporting travel. A strong believer in outstanding customer service, Kimberly and her team offer in-depth solutions and travel coordination through a thoughtful approach that ties your fishing adventures and your travel logistical together in a seamless and easy way.

Permit and steelhead addict Wil Flack has been living, guiding and working in Belize for close to 20 years. In this episode of Waypoints, Wil shares with us his opinions, advice and hard-earned knowledge on all things permit, including how to prepare, how to present, how permit behave, the best times of the year and best overall conditions for permit, and much more.

As a guide, Wil has been putting his clients on to permit all throughout the waters of Belize. He was featured in the Confluence Films project, Waypoints, searching for jungle payara and eating barbequed jungle rat with his friend Oliver White. Shaun brings a ton of industry experience to the position, having guided throughout Montana and Idaho for more than 20 years. There are very few people in the entire fly fishing industry as knowledgeable and experienced as Shaun and we are super excited to have him as a part of the Yellow Dog team! His friendly demeanor is often overshadowed by his sheer stature, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more inspired and outgoing angler on any river.

At its heart, The Serpent King is tale of friendship, doubt, depression, and coming to terms with reality. I feel like Jeff Zentner was channeling my inner spirit into three completely different characters. I would definitely suggest this book to anyone who enjoys more contemporary, realistic worlds that focus on building relationships.

As far as debut novels go, Zentner outdid himself with characterization while exploring religion and growing up in rural America in the present age. Get out there and read it! Hey everyone, Austin here! Have you heard of the Gateway Award? If not, you should check it out. I have had the pleasure of volunteering as a Reader Selector for the award over the past few years in an attempt to expand my own reading tastes in the Young Adult reading world and, in the process, have encountered some truly amazing novels.

Readers follow Citra and Rowan as they are apprenticed to a group of people known as Scythes, trained in the art of killing and the history, value, and purpose of death. I do not want to explain too much of the plot, as I think it would be more fun to allow the chaos, beauty, and mystery of this book to unfold as you read. However, I want to expand upon my surprise at the depth this book created within my own psyche.

I, honestly, read this book a year ago, but I still find myself thinking about two concepts Shusterman layered on top of each other as a foundation for his world - technology and death. Shusterman created a world in which the Thunderhead is always watching, always computing, and always making the best choices for the entire world. Through this end, the world population has become accustomed to technology being a pervasive part of life. Need food? Ask the Thunderhead it will give you food.

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Need a new friend? Ask the Thunderhead it will pair you with someone analytically matched to meet your current needs. Need to be healed? Just change the frequencies of the nanobots living inside you and the Thunderhead will take care of the rest. However, the concept of the Thunderhead leaves me with more questions than answers as I ponder the rise in our current technologies. Our iPhones and other devices are constantly tracking and gathering data on us to provide optimal user experiences.

What happens if we give over complete control so the devices are always making our decisions for us? What would that world look like?

Would it actually lead to a utopia or would the world be led into chaos? Shusterman weaves his conjectures through Scythe in an impressive feat of world building and has left me pondering the role of technology in our current existence. The Scythes are trained to kill excuse me, glean but the more important conversations arise when talking about how people choose to live within this world of immortality. Citra and Rowan struggle with this in very different ways, yet they both have to reach their own conclusions regarding how they choose who to glean from the world.

Should they glean the oldest? These conversations might seem disturbing, yet Shusterman builds his world so they come naturally and without shying away from the dissonance they create within his characters.

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However, since last year, I have read the second book in the series, The Thunderhead January And, though such a thing is rare, I would argue it is a sequel that outshone its predecessor. I am looking forward to the third and hopefully final book, entitled The Toll. It is slated for publication in Walton weaves magical realism, love, heartbreak, and the strength of family into a story that explores the descendents of a French-immigrant family down to their great-granddaughter, Ava, born swaddled in her very own wings.

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As Ava is discovering her own path in the world the reader navigates the lives of her mother, grandmother, and brother as their narratives collide in unexpected ways. There are some books that get a lot of hype, and I put off reading them. I was hooked immediately, not just by the unique narrative voice in which Woodrell writes, but also the vividness with which he brings to life a dark, dirty winter in the Ozarks. This is a book that says no more than it must — but paints its scenes with amazing clarity.

It is a book of subtlety and silences, of knowing what cannot be told and telling without speaking; a book of steely women and violent men. Our protagonist, Ree Dolly, must find her father, a crank cook who will forfeit his house and land if he misses his court date.

It is a brutal and beautiful story that will linger in your mind long after you finish. This book was sad and funny, heartbreaking and hopeful; it starts out as a light read but develops into a deep story. Gabrielle Zevin tells the story of A. A valuable book disappears, an infant is left in the shop, and A.

Each section of the book begins with an epigraph from a short story, which we eventually learn are the stories chosen by A. As the book draws to its tearful yet triumphant close, you will find yourself wanting to read it all over again. Joe: Because no one writes love poems like Neruda - he is sensual yet courtly, uses unexpected imagery, and can knock you over with a beautiful phrase. This edition is small, pairs the poems with accompanying art by Pablo Picasso, and also features the original Spanish verses on the facing page. Joe: I first read Neruda in the summer of , after seeing the lovely movie Il Postino , a fictionalized account of Neruda's stay on the island of Capri in based on the novel by Antonio Skarmeta.

I tracked down several of his books of poems and also read his fascinating memoirs. I was probably in high school. Joe: In addition to my answer for the first question - Neruda is very open in his poetry, honest without being overly earnest. At weddings I have moved mothers to tears with one of his poems from Love Sonnets.

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He has a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, for landscape and its ties to the body. Neruda was also not afraid to get political - he was an outspoken critic of authoritarian regimes in his native Chile, leading to his exile on more than one occasion, as well as probably his death under the Pinochet government. Last year I read a ton of books… this year, not so much. Of the books I did manage to read all the way to the end, these were my three favorites:.