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The spectacular history of this small airfield began in with its selection as the site for the training of the first military officers to fly the newly accepted government plane. Wilbur was to be their instructor, and he proclaimed to the Associated Press on his arrival that College Park was "a fine field. He roomed across the railroad tracks at a friendly neighbor's house and took his meals along with his hosts and his two aviation students who roomed directly next door. Operations at the airfield, previously a farm, were also simple.

There was a small shed that was constructed to house the Wright "aeroplane", and this ultimately became the quarters of the corporal and ten privates who were to assist with the activities at the field. There was a cooking tent behind the shed where they took their meals. Fortunately, the romance of an airplane flying through the clouds was not lost on the general public. Interested spectators, as well as reporters from all the local papers, waited each day, taking in every movement, sentence, and gesture of both Wilbur and the two young lieutenants who were undergoing flight instruction.

Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Wright brothers. Annie and the Magic Book. The Long Run Kindle Single!

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You should make the right choice. Work on his campaign. Since the s Xerolage, edited by editor, publisher, poet and literary rebel, free spirit, anarchist, futurist, dream time village founder, web-master and electronic poet Miekal And, has been featuring issues of the most progressive vis-poems conceivable.

And best they are. Grumman is a progressive concrete poet and, therefore, each of his poems is more than, much more than just a meditative or cute Zen ting thing sitting on a page. They cut to the heat heart and guts and soul, as poems must do. And they are not the pompous art the ruling little lits.

I have imagined Visual poetry as the left hook of real poetry. The right jab - poems like S. Poetry needs a combination of slugs. But allow me to note that Grumman utilizes all forms of concrete. Oh Milton, make room on the bench.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin, This is a book of performance poems, some of which can be found at the Light and Dust website. A few are old and a few are new.

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These are performance poems, poems for group performance. It is good to see it in print.

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These creatures will conquer us. They will destroy what little poetic life lives on planet earth.

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  7. What will remain after Basinski is planet EARth. Basinski is noted for his sometimes obtuse approach to the poem. He cares little for narration. He cares nothing for those stuck seeking meaning in this meaningless society. He cares nothing for those sucking their thumbs. Better to be defeated with Hannibal.

    This is a most beautiful book. The poem combines and contains a relentless onslaught of Shakespearean sexual terminology juxtaposed with slang and colloquial phrases and romantic, memory-bound cryptic messages enjambed with the stark and sometimes dissident alphabetic sound. All of this is countered by long strings of vowels, alphabetic sounds and neologisms. The poem is all sound and not, music and not, full and filled with meaning and not. It is knots and nuts and the Goddess Nut.

    Perhaps this book can be as close to an intermedia poem as possible. It is true a combination of talents and stands forward and above books made by cooperating artist.

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    A special numbered edition with a four-colored waterless lithograph by Wendy Collin Sorin is available. The aim is to create a new vocabulary that draws on both literary and musical elements, and to invent an artistic vehicle that embraces both music and poetry. It is quite magical and marvelous. It is a unique moment in literary evolution and any poets in involved with music must hear what Lake Affect has done with these poems and poets.

    Unlike anything that has been done before, this CD and the art of Lake Affect is destined to alter how we listen to poetry. It is so new and stunning that one has to listen again and again and again and soon it is dawn and the rosy fingered goddess listens also. And then - well, you hear the poets and the ensemble. It is such a blend as to be a new thing, brand new and it so refreshing to hear a new music. Frank J. And the poetry within this magazine also, I thought when I read Jonathan A. You know, good reader, that there are a lot of magazines with a lot of shit poems in them and the fiction is worse.

    But you get this true lion roaring sense that Frank Marcopolos knows what he likes, and how to read, and how to publish and he has guts and eats insects on Wheaties with bleach.

    He has made a fine thing here. I recall that Bukowski started writing slight, short stories and I think that maybe the folks in here, well - Marcopolos has discovered the next generation and is opening them up and allowing them to fly into our thick, chocolate blood hooded and howling nights. Rabid Bear Press. Some bucks send some, a bag, with pizza This is a fine magazine that has on cover a naked man with noose around neck.

    And the man appears to be yanking on the rope in the foolish hope that the noose will tighten and he will hang before an oncoming locomotive smacks him straight on. And then begins the stuff within, what is writing by Abigail Deacon and Chris Mansel. Send some bucks. And here in poetry flesh greasy fingers and odor of ancient ox of Crete.

    Hot and volcanic and steaming butterflies and birds and alligators singing a courtship call to the rampaging extinct giraffe of the heart and soul and desert and lush, sex forest of American poet. Mansel is a Goodyear Blimp full of hot pepper cracker jack hamburgers of still pools of vestal virgins. All of this floats above the sad heads of us who go about ourmundane lives like so many snails going extinct in the brutal sun.

    Send all your money, stamps, first books of music, train sets, old pop bottles and the like. Volume 7, No.