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Once you know this, there is no need to tip. While some sectors and occupations are dying, others are growing stronger, and still others, just born, promise to alter the landscape. To the Curmudgeon, it also seems to imply a sort of Schumpeterian creative destruction as well]. Who are these sectoral and occupational gazelles? Over the past half-century, the USA has shifted from an economy centered on producing physical goods to one centered on innovation and knowledge p.

Attracting a scientist or a software engineer triggers a multiplier effect , increasing employment and salaries for those who provide local services. Also the first part of his definition is also way too time-bound.

What might be on the list ten years from now? Gazelles fade fast and new ones constantly take their place. Where does all this gazelle-stuff begin and end? How does a geography grab onto one of these and how long can it hold onto it? Moretti asks why should the majority of Americans care about increasing innovation?

Most will never work in a innovative firm? He answers his question by observing that a majority of Americans work in the local service sector. The local service sector does not engage in global competition but are, in effect, living off of those knowledge-based jobs which do compete globally. Third, are cities that could go either way.

The three Americas are growing apart at an accelerating rate. Innovation probably productivity creates jobs and kills communities. Innovation jobs and sectors will disperse [more or less] evenly across the county and result in a convergence of American communities. Once a city attracts some innovative workers, innovators and innovative companies, its economy changes in ways that make it more attractive to other innovators. Cities are not just a collection of individuals but complex, interrelated environments that foster the generation of new ideas and new ways of doing business.

Not all parts of a region, nation, state converges. Only some of its geography catches up.

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The rest languishes and continues an unabated decline. This factors, combined with the rise of consumerism mass marketing and consumption caused manufacturing employment to peak in at almost twenty million p. Their names are now synonymous with urban blight and irreversible decline p. For each manufacturing job lost, Moretti says his research indicates that 1. Job opportunities in USA labor market have been concentrated, since , in high-skill, high wage professional, technical, and managerial jobs AND low-skill, low wage jobs mostly in the service and personal care sectors.

This hollowing out is not a passing trend. The trick for Moretti is that he is at some point going to have to explain why high costs will not exert the same result on his innovation sector which, after all is great because of its higher wages costs. Moretti, no dummy to be sure, knows he must deal with this problem and so….

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Low-value-added manufacturing found in Buffalo, Providence fled to China. But cities like Washington DC a notorious manufacturing center? So, much of the USA lost jobs to low cost developing worlds, and got in return cheaper consumer goods comparative advantage at work. New machinery, technology and productivity enhancements allow American industry to produce more and cheaper goods BUT with fewer jobs.

This hollowing out is not a passing trend, nor is it unique to the USA and despite ebbs and flows will continue. Manufacturing employment is doomed by history to continue its decline. Low skill manufacturing is the new agriculture in that high productivity leads to fewer jobs in the sector, yet a massive leap in output]. Chapter two traces the rise of the innovation economy and provides definition as to why it developed and how you can actually locate an innovation job. No surprises here.

This is the ONLY way to generate jobs that pay well in the face of stiff global competition p. Interestingly, higher productivity of workers in traded sector means higher salaries not just for the workers in that sector but also for workers in other sectors, especially those with similar skills. His research [no footnote or methodology cited] suggests that the multiplier for an innovation job is 5 p.

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How does this occur. But, at this point, Moretti confronts the creative destruction unleashed by the innovation sector. Recognizing that innovation can also result in the destruction of innovation jobs themselves [logically, how can it not].

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Perhaps more importantly, creative destruction someday will be visited upon the current innovation sector itself:. Jobs that today look more like art than labor [i. This is likely to happen … in most … parts of the innovation sector. The variable costs of production are typically low. Companies benefit in the form of higher profits p. Moretti does NOT state or explicitly acknowledge this last point— rather he switches to another core principal: that innovation jobs will keep on increasing into the future. But he does not specifically confirm the current configuration of innovation, jobs, and even locations is timeless].

Specific innovation sector jobs, occupations and firms will come and go, live and die, but the innovation sector itself will grow without abatement into the future. - Quit Smoking Now! The Secret and The Enrico's Way!

This is a very important point. That is almost heresy. Or perhaps the Curmudgeon once again has gotten off on the wrong track.

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He ends his chapter three quite optimistically. It favors some cities and regions while ignoring others p. Who wins and who loses in this new innovation economy? How does the innovation economy reshape the social fabric of American communities? He transforms Seattle into a laboratory in which he demonstrates in operation those forces which we have described previously-how innovation sector simply transforms the city, the non-trading sector and almost everything else into an innovation winner: the brain hub.

There are at least two similarities which are shared by the winners: 1 their share of workers with a college degree, and the 2 gains in earnings and salaries of such college graduates since Innovation requires innovators. Specific entrepreneurs and inventors are the atom, the DNA, of the innovation economy. Patents are their signature. Using patents to demarcate those metropolitan areas that have been generating the most innovation relative to their size, Moretti he discovers that California the huge winner , New York, Texas and Washington generate almost half of all patents granted in the USA.

In terms of metropolitan areas, we were shocked to learn that Silicon Valley and runner up Austin were the national leaders. Smaller, but emerging high-tech clusters can be found in Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Atlanta, and others. He also cites the losers as well, but we shall spare the reader. Of course, the relationship between innovation and salaries of college graduates is not perfect.

Nevertheless, there is a clear tendency for cities with many college-educated residents to have a local economy with a great deal of innovation and good salaries. But there are some issues at play. Moretti acknowledges the compensatory impact of higher costs of living as offsets to these higher wages. The reader is urged to pause and think of the implications and consequences that flow from this.

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In many ways, this is the heart of his Great Divergence]. He also cites Lucas and it all flows from Solow]. The geographical sorting out of America not only sorts our of economies, and economic classes, but cultures as well. Moretti asserts our county now is segregating educationally p.

As communities grow apart, the U. Amazingly while we are successfully confronting our past history of racial segregation, Moretti asserts our county now is segregating educationally p. Moretti takes the argument, made by Bishop in the Big Sort and takes it a few steps further. They are the source of innovation, jobs, prosperity, and creativity.

This is a world of Traded sector patricians and non-traded sector plebeians].