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Explore Bahamas. Hop-on Hop-off Tours. See all. Sightseeing Passes. Water Parks. Trusted Reviews and Ratings. Free hour Cancellation. Low-price Guarantee.

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Top Attractions in Bahamas. Sort by:. Traveller Favourites. Blue Lagoon Island. See 1 Experience. See 3 Experiences. Cable Beach. See 7 Experiences. Cat Cay. Garden of the Groves. See 2 Experiences.

Bahamas Bucket List: 10 Best Things to do and Attractions on the Islands

Taino Beach. Port Lucaya Marketplace. Coco Cay. Marine Habitat at Atlantis. Coco Plum Beach. Beaches of Stocking Island. Lighthouse Beach.

Dolphin Encounters

Queen's Staircase. See 39 Experiences. Bahamian Brewery. John Watling's Distillery. See 33 Experiences. Pig Beach. Clifton Heritage National Park. See 9 Experiences. Glass Window. Love Beaches. The Dolphin Experience. The pigs will swim out to your boat as you approach the island and depending on how friendly they are on the day they will hang around, swim with you guys and have some of your lunch as well.

The 10 Best Things to Do in Nassau, Bahamas

If you are pressed for time, there is a closer piggy island called White Bay. The swimming pigs tend to come out to play when the midday sun cools down a bit. There are myths and stories of how the swimming pigs of the Bahamas got there. Some people believe that they survived a shipwreck while others think that they were left there by pirates who intended them to be a future meal but never came back. Whatever the case, they are interesting swimming companions and one of the top things to do in the Bahamas.

You hear people talk of sunbathing on pristine white sandy beaches around the world but have you ever been to a pink sandy beach? In the Bahamas, you have both options. There are the white sand beaches that are very much a dime a dozen here and then there are the rare pink sandy beaches.

This is three miles of picture perfect pink sand fading off into aqua blue waters. This phenomenal pink color comes from a micro-organism called foraminifera and minuscule pieces of coral and shells that are washed ashore. You really must see it to believe it!

If you are looking for pure luxury, pristine white sand beaches and world-class scuba diving, Club Med Columbus Isle definitely delivers. The secluded, all-inclusive resort is tucked away on the island of San Salvador far from the bustle of tourists. Here are just a few reasons why you should strongly consider holidays in the Bahamas with Club Med on Columbus Isle:.

From the service to the cuisine and even the setting at Club Med on Columbus Isle…everything is just world class.

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It will make your Bahamas visit absolutely relaxing and luxurious. Apart from the islands, the Bahamas has about 2, cays coral reefs. These reefs are home to some of the most colorful and spectacular marine life known to man. One of the most unique ways to explore some of these reefs is in a personal underwater Sub, which looks like a moped with a helmet. Your underwater experience will begin with a quick lesson on how to pilot a submarine. Lucayan National Park is a little out of place in a land riddled with white sandy beaches and some pink ones.

However, this acre jungle makes for the perfect getaway for birdwatchers who still want to enjoy the island life. Christ Church Cathedral 5 Tours and Activities. Here the public library is housed in a historic octagonal building from that formerly served as a colonial jail, making it a unique and interesting spot peruse the books, which are kept in the jail cells. The library also does double duty as a museum, with colonial documents, historic prints and native Arawak artifacts on display. Pirates of Nassau 7 Tours and Activities Get out your eye patch and peg leg and get ready to delve into one of the most infamous and legendary aspects of Caribbean history.

During the Golden Age of Piracy, from to , pirates patrolled the waters of the Caribbean, terrorizing merchant ships and no place played a greater role in illegal pirate operations than Nassau, home base to the world's largest concentration of swashbuckling seafarers. A favorite of both adults and children alike, this museum is one you won't want to miss.

It is said that when a pirate slept, he did not dream of heaven, but of returning to Nassau. Come and find out for yourself what made Nassau pirate paradise. Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre 6 Tours and Activities What a better way to experience the beauty of the Bahamas than by discovering the native flora and fauna? The Ardastra Zoo, Gardens and Conservation Park provides the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the creatures of the Caribbean. Home to more than animals, many of them endangered species of the Caribbean and South America, the zoo boasts the largest collection of Bahamian animals in the world.

While walking around, don't be surprised if you run into a boa constrictor, raptor, or parrot- their trainers regularly walk them on the pathways.

Explore Nassau

The zoo is also known for its vast flamingo collection. The most stunning part of Ardastra may not be the animals, but rather a visit to the gardens.

13 things to do in the Bahamas

Straw Market 9 Tours and Activities One of the traditional crafts of the Bahamas, straw working has become infused into Bahamian culture and industry. Each island has developed its own distinctive plaiting or braiding style to create beautiful straw hats, baskets, etc. The Straw Market in Nassau serves as the ultimate destination to pick up Bahamian souvenirs. Grab a hat to protect yourself from the sun, or maybe pick up a small wood carving as a trinket to take home to a family member.

In addition to the authentic hand-crafted merchandise, the Straw Market also offers many other items. What makes the Straw Market a unique shopping experience is getting to bargain the prices down; just remember to never accept the first offer and have fun seeing how low you can get the price to go! Marine Habitat at Atlantis 1 Tour and Activity. Nassau Cruise Port 3 Tours and Activities Just miles km off the southern Florida coast, on the island of New Providence, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and its 29 islands. Getting into town is easy: either walk a little way south to the main shopping hub, Bay Street, or grab one of the many taxis waiting at the wharf.

Downtown Nassau is a colourful mix of colonial architecture and historic landmarks, boutique shopping and tropical gardens. A guided tour will show you the colonial highlights plus introduce you to flamingos and wildlife at the lovely Ardastra Gardens. Located on the second story of the 19th Century Mountbatten House, this small, but intriguing, local museum has dozens of slave era relics, and also features Spanish armor and chunks of prehistoric meteors. See the opulent, colorful dresses that were worn by Plantation owners, or marvel at treasures that date back to days when pirates patrolled the coast.

As part of the larger Graycliff Complex, the Heritage Museum authentically fuses history and culture with tourism, a place to stretch and exercise your mind.