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Article activity alert. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Citing articles via Web of Science 5. Commentary: Necromance. Invoking the historical depth of what she calls planetary literature to redraw the map of American literature, Dimock argues that this literature has not been disrupted by globalization.

Through Other Continents: American Literature Across Deep Time

Rather, American literature is one of the tributaries of the planet's literary system. Pease, Dartmouth College. In a series of bold and brilliant thought experiments, Through Other Continents extends the horizons of 'American literature' as no one has done before. It accomplishes nothing less than the creation of a genuinely new critical framework and idiom for reconceiving the field on a planetary scale.

For years Americanists have been calling for a new transnationalism. No one has responded to that call more eloquently and originally than Wai Chee Dimock. At once a set of wide-ranging illustrations and a map for the future, her study will permanently alter the boundaries, and therefore the national implications, of American literary scholarship.

Sundquist, UCLA "Dimock's timely and wide-ranging book will change the discussion of the effect of globalization on the field of American literary studies. Through Other Continents makes good on Dimock's proposal for a more imaginative and more capacious reading of not only American literature, but literature in general.

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It adds a unique voice to current discussions of global culture, literary studies in a postnational frame, transnational cultural studies, and the disciplines of American studies and comparative literature. This is a highly original and thoroughly engaging piece of scholarship. This is a wonderful book, of the highest importance, which brings to fruition Dimock's recent proposals in a number of articles. I expect the book to be very widely read, discussed, and no doubt debated. The book offers a model not merely for a new way to study American literature, but also the beginnings of a new relation between comparative literature and the study of American literature.

In Through Other Continents Wai Chee Dimock has created a provocative and altogether compelling vision of American literature as a global phenomenon. Sundquist, UCLA. See All Customer Reviews.