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I feel like it could have been a lot more exciting and entertaining. I was so excited when I found out that the newsletter freebies from this author were going to be made into novellas. I really liked the stories and couldn't wait for them to be lengthened.

This one was just so much fun. The world is fascinating, the magic great, and the characters fun. And given the chance, I like to think that I too would ask if I could choose the dragon as my treasure.

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How could I not!? I loved Carly because she was so believable and quite amusing with her quirks. T I was so excited when I found out that the newsletter freebies from this author were going to be made into novellas. There was just so much about her that was so easy to relate to, and while that made me jealous yes, of a fictional character of what she got, you can't help but like the girl.

I also quite liked Drago. He's hot, confident and a great man. After a decade of loneliness and sleeping away the time, he is reawakened in more than one way when Carly appears before him. She changes him quite a bit, and he becomes a dragon sweet on her willing to do anything for her. We don't get to see him fight at all, but he has to be a great warrior He's a dragon, and a king after all. Carly was out hiking one day when a huge storm moved in on her. She quickly finds out that yelling at the sky gods does not help something that I have also learned numerous times on my own walks and things keep getting worse.

She finds safety from the storm inside a cave. Drawn by light, she ventures farther in until she finds herself in a huge cavern filled with gold. And a dragon. Her whole life Carly has loved dragons and so she can't help but be drawn to it.

What she doesn't expect is for it to be real. When the evil sea witch had tuned every single one of Drago's people into stone, he was left alone with nothing but silence and crushing hopelessness. After moving all his people inside, he sets up an impassable barrier around his island and goes to sleep inside his hidden treasure room. He knows the second that Carly steps inside but doesn't move until she touches him. When he tells her to choose her treasure carefully and she chooses him, his curiosity is peaked. Carly is so happy with this world and dragon-man that she has found herself with that she questions whether she's dead or it's all in her head.

But as time goes on her happiness only increases. Her and Drago spend everyday exploring his kingdom or each other. It's only when, weeks later, Drago brings up going to other islands for different foods and more supplies that things change. Their trip and stay there were interesting for all.

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Frustrating for Drago though when he is ambushed by the other leaders or their representation for a meeting on how to deal with the sea witch. On the way back, something terrible happens to Carly and Drago doesn't find out soon enough. When he finds her, he wants to panic but there's nothing he can do.

So he resigns himself to follow her when she takes her last breathe. But his little thief has indeed stolen a dragon's heart and a great reward comes to them both. While I loved pretty much everything about this story, there is one thing I wish would have been touched upon more. I wanted to know more about the ties between Carly and Drago. Especially because Carly could see them occasionally. Was it a mating bond?

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Was it just the link Drago created? Would it allow them to hear each other like Drago could the rest of his people? It was just something neat that I would have liked more on. Aug 16, Nikita Gordyn rated it it was amazing.

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Each ruler was given a gift by the Goddess who created their world; a gift that promised harmony among the kingdoms as long as these gifts were kept safe and not used against each other. The rulers were fair and just, and understood their kingdoms needed each other to flourish. Alas, the peace was not to last.

One night a strange and brilliant light fell from the sky and landed in the ocean.

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Those who saw the meteor streak through the dark skies made lighthearted wishes. One went to find it. Drago, King of the Isle of Dragons, has been alone since all of his people fell under a dark spell that has turned them all to stone.

After gathering all that he could find, he put a spell of protection over his island and went to ground. He would do all in his power to break the evil spell on his people, as soon as a way could be found. Smith fashion anything she writes is an auto-buy for me , I did enjoy this book. Smith whispers—especially the Dragon Lords of Valdier. Mar 28, Suzy rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-rating. Choose your treasure carefully, thief… Drago, King of the Isle of Dragons, is the last of the magnificent dragons of the Seven Kingdoms.

I laughed till I cried and also cried with sadness. I have come to accept this with S E Smith's books. I have everything she has wrote, some are misses but the vast majority are major hits, She makes her characters really believable so you empathize with the comedy I'll never look at a broom without laughing again the highs and the lows, I wait patiently for any and all books regarding this author Jul 24, Chyina Powell rated it it was ok. Drago is the king of the Isle of Dragons or at least he was, now he is the only dragon left. Ten years ago he decided he would sleep and for ten years, he rested.

Carly is a clumsy girl from a small town with a love for dragons. One day while she is hiking she gets caught in a storm and seeks shelter. Little did she know the cave she entered was a doorway to another realm.


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I have to admit that I was very disappointed in this novel. Not only did it set up a very interesting action-pack Drago is the king of the Isle of Dragons or at least he was, now he is the only dragon left.

Not only did it set up a very interesting action-packed adventure in the prologue but it didn't follow through with it at all. Drago seemed so set on avenging his people and finding a way to free them from this curse but now that he has a girlfriend, helping his thousands of fellow dragons isn't important? Additionally, Carly sort of becomes a stock character towards the end, losing the quirky personality Smith seemingly wants her to have.

This is not a book I would recommend as it lets the reader down. In fact, the entire story of Drago's loneliness and Carly's past relationships have no real part to play in the book. So why give us all that if they are unimportant? May 11, Pet rated it it was amazing. I can not say enough how much this author has impressed me. I read her earlier books and was very put off by them.